Thursday, September 3, 2009

" Dana's GIVEAWAY~! "Here's what you can win~! ^__^
"DSK Jewelry"(
Lil Plump Star earrings *Clear AB*
10mm heart necklace *Clear AB*
"Eki Bows"(

assortment of handmade bows by Eki
"Makeup Brushes"
ELF (Studio Line) small precision brush
ELF (Studio Line) eyeshadow C brush
Coastal Scents pink angled taklon liner brush
ELF eyeshadow brush
ELF bronzing and blending brush
"Anything Cute..."
cute pink bear plushie
beaded purse keychain
2 ELF "candy shop" lip glosses
2 GS&P ( bows
nail art design stickers
ELF (studio line) lip primer & plumper
Hello Kitty bandaids
Guess earrings